Begin Again, CH 8

 In the last town beside a Great Garbage Ocean, inside a tank full of poisonous jellyfish, a dying boy morphs into something new and strange while shifting through fragmented memories. As the tank’s glass snaps, Jellyfish-Jack, a lonely, 200-year-old teenager, races to outwit a dead man trying to destroy the young, no-longer-quite-human inheritors of a dying world. Jack fights to save his beloved Joon and her unborn child — even if the cost is his all-but-immortal life.



A gender-bender, post-apocalyptic, graphic coming-of-age novel — excerpted here in the chapter “Begin Again” — in which Jack, a long-lived, intersex street-kid, never matures past adolescence. Instead, like the immortal jellyfish Turitopsis, Jack regresses in tough conditions and starts over. But conditions are always tough, and in two centuries Jack has never quite made it to adulthood … or had a friend to risk dying for.



D.K.McCutchen & Mike Bukowick at: